• Help Small Businesses: Small businesses are the lifeblood of a healthy community. We need to ensure that they continue to thrive and that they have access to affordable loans and credit.
  • Community colleges: Quality community colleges and universities are essential for attracting and retaining the industries of the future. Developing partnerships between community colleges, universities and local businesses to create local jobs is the first step in the right direction.
  • Investment in Clean energy: In the absence of executive leadership on climate change, we must work to lead the way in investment in solar power and clean, renewable energy. In the coming decades, clean energy technology will be an incredible source of economic growth as the industry provides more and more jobs each year. Incentives for Georgia to provide cleaner and cheaper energy would benefit our environment and help everyone with their electric bill.

Women Rights


Protecting a Woman’s Right to Choose: Karen Handel has a long record of attacking women’s health and Planned Parenthood. These battles have only grown more urgent. Bobby will fight against attempts to restrict access to essential healthcare and put measures in place to ensure bodily autonomy. He will also fight to expand economic opportunities for all women, regardless of race, immigration status, income status, religion, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Bobby will:

  • Enforce the ACA’s law that insurance companies can no longer discriminate based on sex
  • Restore family planning funding
  • Ensure funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Protect safe and legal access to abortion
  • Ensure victims of domestic violence have access to care and shelter

LGBTQ Rights


LGBTQ Rights: Karen Handel has a long record of not supporting our LGBTQ community. In Georgia, people can get fired or denied housing based on their sexual preference. Karen Handel doesn’t even support same-sex couples having the right for adoption. It is important that every member of the LGBTQ community is treated with dignity and respect in their communities, workplaces, and schools. It is unacceptable that any kid continue to be bullied in school, and trans students still face higher rates of suicide and self-harm.

Criminal Justice Reform



Georgia has the second highest jail incarceration rate in the country. While that’s primarily state induced, we need representation on the federal level that knows it is possible to reduce both crime and incarceration. Around the country, many states have proven that right. Places as diverse as Michigan and South Carolina have successfully implemented policies that reduce violent crime and the prison population simultaneously.

Bobby wants the federal government to reform sentencing, ending mandatory minimums that impose unjust sentences and increase the cost of the criminal justice system. Bobby will also promote diversionary programs that offer alternatives to prison, especially for youth and young adults. Bobby’s committed to a criminal justice system that acts to root out violent crime but also reintegrates people back into society once they have paid their debts.

Bobby will:

  • Eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing
  • Create diversion programs and alternatives to incarceration
  • Fund recidivism reduction programs including education and job training

Mental Health & Drug Treatment

In too many communities around the country, mental illness and addiction are criminalized. The current situation is staggering. There are ten times as many people with serious mental illnesses in prisons as in hospitals. Over half of inmates have mental health disorders, and 65 percent of them suffer from drug addiction. Often those who are suffering from mental illness are the ones at greatest risk for recidivism. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one quarter of state inmates here in Georgia with mental illness have been previously incarcerated three or more times.

These practices cost taxpayers money and don’t do anything to keep our communities safer. Research has shown that outpatient substance abuse programs can save up to 12 times their cost and reduce criminal activity by up to 80 percent. Bobby wants to end the criminalization of mental illness and drug addiction. He will work together with law enforcement leaders and communities to develop strategies to prioritize treatment over incarceration.

Bobby's plan:

  • Mental health units in police departments, staffed by mental health professionals
  • Address the opioid epidemic by increasing the supply of emergency Narcan, the number of beds available to opioid addiction patients and regulating the use of prescription drugs



There are more than 640,000 veterans in Georgia. After sacrificing so much, our veterans deserve the best care that our country can provide – and they deserve a Congress that isn’t going to shirk its responsibility to oversee Veteran Affairs or its responsibility to fund Veteran Affairs.

  • Holding the VA accountable: There should never be a waitlist for those that serve our nation. I’ll work to make sure that the VA has the resources it needs while holding those in charge accountable for the treatment of our veterans.

Gun Violence Prevention


The epidemic of mass shootings in our country and our schools must be dealt with. With rights comes responsibilities. There are commonsense solutions to prevent gun violence in our communities that we can get working on now.

  • Lift the ban on the CDC from studying gun violence: The CDC has been prohibited since 1996 from studying gun violence. It's time to remove the ban.
  • Require stronger background checks: We need to require background checks on all purchases to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and domestic abusers.
  • Stop domestic violence offenders from obtaining firearms: We can save lives by updating federal gun law to disallow abusive dating partners and convicted stalkers from buying or possessing guns.
  • Prohibit people on the Terror Watch List from acquiring weapons: If you’re on the terrorist watch list, you shouldn't be able to buy guns. that’s just common sense.
  • Ban bump stocks: No civilian should have a bump stock, which converts a rifle into a machine gun for the purpose of inflicting carnage.



Scientists agree: climate change is real and poses a serious threat to every Georgian’s way of life. It is disappointing that our representation refuses to step up to the plate as a global leader in preserving our world for the next generation. Bobby will:

  • Stop Oil Drilling in Continental-Shelf Waters: We cannot recklessly expand oil drilling to almost all U.S. continental-shelf waters. Georgia is not only home to one third of the East Coast’s salt marshes critical for maintaining shrimp and fish populations, but also our state is home to various endangered marine species. Bobby firmly stands against this thoughtless decision.
  • Invest in Clean Energy: Solar and wind power represent the cutting edge of energy innovation. We need to support renewable and clean energy growth and ensure that Georgia is doing its part to stop climate change.
  • Protect National Parks: We have to stand up for the bountiful beauty that’s been bestowed upon our country. Bobby supports protecting our National Parks and Monuments from redesignation.



Our district is one of the most highly educated in the country, but we have to make sure that everyone inside of it is granted the opportunity to learn and thrive that so many of us have enjoyed.

  • Vocational Training and Apprenticeships: We need to give students the opportunity to learn about career paths that do not require four-year degrees. Bobby supports expanding access to trade and vocational schools as well as apprenticeship opportunities for our students.
  • Ensuring Student Success: Our students need to have every opportunity to succeed. Bobby will work for policies that will refocus education on the student instead of forcing teachers to “teach to the test”.

National Security


We need a change in leadership that will support America’s security in the world.

  • Standing with Allies: As our President blunders from crisis to crisis, we need a Congress that promises to stand with our allies. Bobby will fully support our allies abroad and work to ensure our country’s security with diplomacy.
  • Investigating Russian meddling: The Russian attack on our elections is incredibly concerning and needs to be fully investigated. Foreign adversaries interfering in our election process should not be a partisan issue. Regardless of who was the beneficiary, meddling in our elections undermines the democratic process on which the United States was built.

Supporting Israel: 

Israel as a country is committed to equality, freedom of expression, and democratic values. Israel is our steadfast ally in a volatile region. In Congress, Bobby will strengthen greater economic and defense-related ties.



Bobby’s children were born prematurely and spent 17 days in the NICU, he personally saw the staggering bill and realized just how important reform to our healthcare system was. It’s time for action.

  • No Lifetime Caps or Exclusions for Pre-Existing Conditions: It’s horrible that people with the misfortune of being sick can be subjected to being cutoff from their lifeline. Bobby will stand against efforts to create lifetime caps, and will fight efforts by the GOP to allow discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Reducing Drug Prices: In Congress, Bobby will fight for transparency in pharmaceutical pricing, openness in provider-supplier relationships, full disclosure of CEO and executive compensation and support anti-trust activity to make sure there is fair competition and an end to any price-fixing.



Georgia’s infrastructure is in crisis. We had a major interstate highway bridge collapse and our bridges are in need of repair. We cannot continue to grow economically, if we do not invest in our infrastructure.

Re-investing in Georgia’s infrastructure is vital to jump starting the economy. Access to public transportation and an efficient commute will ensure that everyone in Georgia has a fair shot at a decent living. Bobby will:

  • Projects: Focus on projects to relieve traffic congestion and increase transparency for maintenance projects
  • Federal Funding: Make sure Georgia is maximizing every single federal dollar and grant for infrastructure while also working to expand mass transit